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The annual letter to all Canadian Life Members starts off as follows:

“You are a Life Member because you have paid your ASHRAE dues for at least 30 years and previously reached the age of 65. Accordingly, ASHRAE bylaws exempt you from Society dues. This does not imply or suggest you should withdraw, even partially, from activities, boards, committees, or meetings of the Society. Nor does it relieve you from continuing to add your experience, ideas, and talents to those of others who are continuing to serve ASHRAE.”

To allow Canadian ASHRAE Life Members to promote the advancement of education in the heating, refrigerating and air conditioning field and to promote ASHRAE, a Bursary has been established with a Constitution and Bylaws. It is a Canadian Registered Charitable Organization.

Since 2001, Bursaries have been awarded to students at the Universities of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Windsor, Waterloo, Queens, Carleton, and Ottawa. Recommendations for the Awards are made by the University Professors. Contributions for the Bursary are received from Canadian ASHRAE Life Members.

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